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Is This LOVE?

wednesdays with wayne Jan 12, 2022

I expect a lot of myself. 

And here’s a big secret not many people know about me: I’m also kind of critical of myself – there’s a “not good enough” self-talk that pops up every so often. Yeah… I get it too. 


There’s a realization I came to recently, it was sparked by some reading and then a lot of heavy reflection. It was about how we treat ourselves and I wanted to share that concept here.


If you’re building walls against the world, if you’re critical of yourself, if you’re soothing yourself and your basic anxieties in life with food, sex, or other substances, there’s a question to ask – Is This Love?


The way you woke up today and started your day, is it Love?

The way you spoke to yourself and the people around you, is it Love?

If you’re in sales, are you selling from a place of Love?

If you’re in service, are you serving from a place of Love?

If you’re going to the fridge to distract yourself, is that Love?


What would feel like Love right now?


We’re into the second week of the New Year and you need to be asking yourself this question for the rest of the year: What would feel like Love right now?


Does the job you’re in feel like Love? 

Are you leading your friends and family relationships with Love?


What would happen if you did?


As you’re reading this, you know how I’ve sent it to you, right? Yep, I’m writing with Love and I’m sending it to you with Love. Are you picking it up? Does it feel like Love?


Gravitate there. Build that into your goals and use it as a filter for your next steps.


Don’t talk to yourself in a way that you wouldn’t let others talk to you or speak to your mother. 

Is this Love? That’s your new filter question. Look at your calendar. Is what’s on it, filling your days, is that Love?


Is this Love? From me to you, yes… yes it is.


Go crush 2022 (lovingly, of course)!


= Wayne =

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