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Effortless, Yet Mindful

wednesdays with wayne May 11, 2022

Why does everything seem so hard?

Some people live their lives with that question, while others look like they’re floating from task to task, situation to situation with such ease.  


The key is that it, whatever IT is, really can be easy. 

What’s the thing that you’re focusing on?

What’s the smallest component of that thing? Ah, think even smaller.


If you were to stand pillars up in a row and had them arranged in size of height, tipping the smallest of the pillars into the next – much like dominoes - each would fall to the next and the next. The demonstration is one illustrating how moving the smallest can easily topple the biggest in incremental waves. 


Be aware of the thoughts you tell yourself as you tackle your tasks, your conversations, or really any of your daily activities.


Make it easy, because it is.

Be mindful so that it stays easy.


Whether it’s coming through a divorce or packing for a vacation, there are tons of details to manage. There are emotions that swell. And as deadlines loom, tasks can seem insurmountable.  


That’s where being mindful comes in.

Don’t allow problems to surface when there really aren’t any. There are, simply, a series of tasks. Stay in them. Focus. Let other thoughts enter and then allow them to float out. Being present in what you’re doing allows you to let go of anything that’s not what you’re doing. 


Doing that, staying present, allows your day to feel so much lighter and almost effortless.

Stay present, stay mindful, and handle that thing, and then the next, while staying present in the moment.


Practice that. Just notice how you’ve been breathing as you’ve read this page. Yes, that. Now let the tension around your eyes relax. It’s not serving you as you work so hard to serve others.


Stay mindful and allow the ease.


See you here next week!


= Wayne = 

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