Don’t Say It Out Loud!

wednesdays with wayne May 17, 2023

“Shhhhh! Don’t say it out loud; you’ll jinx it.”


Have you ever heard that?

Have you ever said that? 


I know, I used to be superstitious and felt like if I said a wish out loud or told anyone what I truly desired, that somehow it would be taken away from me. If I dared to tell someone my deepest wish, somehow, I’d be popping my own balloon.  


But then I started studying.


And I started experimenting.


And I encouraged others. And they started experimenting.  


It turns out that when you DARE TO DECLARE, you burst any feelings of jinxing something.


Here’s a solid truth for your consideration: 

CLARITY gives you certainty. 

And certainty builds confidence.


If you’re not confident, you’re giving energy to doubt. 

Where do YOU choose to put your energy?

Where do you CHOOSE to put your energy?


You know that you get more of what you focus on, so if it’s lack, you get that. If it’s abundance, you’ll have your eyes open for that. Also, both at work and at home, if it’s a behavior you’re out to get more or less of, remember you get more of what you focus on. 


YOU get more of what you focus on. 

So, dare to declare. 


Dare to decide what really matters to you. Dare to Declare it out loud. And get to your Destination. I did a full (free) masterclass on this if you’re interested. 

Here’s the link -


Also, my signature retreat is limited to just 12 seats. It’s in October, which is a ways out, AND you might just want to hold your seat for a jam-packed couple of days where you learn more about how to hone your focus to build clarity, certainty, and confidence about yourself and your future. Give yourself the gift of investing in yourself by at least checking it out here:

Check out those links.


Dare to declare.


There’s nothing to jinx, because your future is yours to make!


See you here next week.

Keep making your magic!


= Wayne = 

 ~ Dr P ~ 


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