Interview with Gary Garth

Every so often you meet people that are just darned impressive. Gary Garth is one of those people. He thinks I’m impressive. Perspective is everything I suppose.

He started a business in Denmark when he was 19 years old. He claims to have done everything wrong, but in talking with him, it turns out that he learned and pivoted. And that’s the real lesson here.

Don’t set out to fail, just know that you’ll run into obstacles. Learn and move forward.

Gary reminds us that “you’re always in sales” and to keep looking for opportunities. They’re right in front of you.

Focus on what moves you - dive in deep and invest in your purpose.

As with other successful guests, Gary notes, “look for patterns.”

Gary gives us important information about go to market strategies.

To overcome obstacles, know both your customer’s and your own pain points.

Constantly evolve yourself.

Where there’s uncertainty, there’s hesitation. Get clear. Lean in.

Gary has offered our audience a very, very special offer. You need to listen in, to get it!!!

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