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wednesdays with wayne Apr 24, 2019

We’ve heard about “flow” and what it means to be in it. Think about - truly reflect and call up the memory of the last time you experienced it. It could be back when you were in school, playing sports, or practicing an instrument.

For some it is being present with their kids. For others, the flow state comes when they’re sitting on a beach soaking up the sun, listening to the waves.  And for some, it’s much more active, losing yourself in a movie or cheering on your favorite ball players.

What that has to do with Revealing Reality is this - your Wednesdays With Wayne hug and gentle nudge - when you experience that sense of ahhhhh and nothingness and time both flies by and stands still, you’re just present.  

Nothing else exists except that moment.  That moment is one of pure presence and nothing else comes close to this living, breathing meditation that you didn’t get to accidentally.  You created it. And you created it by getting out of your own way. You didn’t let thoughts of email or that call you need to make creep in.

You created it through intention and by letting go.

When people talk about creating abundance or the life they want, they often create unnecessary struggle. Oh, certainly, struggle is a part of life.  There are people who choose to engage in life that way. We all know the victim of life, the one complaining that something has been done to them and that other people have it so much easier.  We also know the champions, the ones on whom unfair struggle and burden has been placed. They get in, figure it out, know the parameters, and make their lives work up until they stop.

Those heroes get that we all have a finite time here.  And, they begin to live life more fully.

So how do you get to your personal flow state?

You dive in and commit.  You commit fully. The warrior in the heat of battle doesn’t wonder whether she left a stove burner on. The artist’s mind doesn’t drift to his bank account as the next brushstroke is laid.

Your productivity and profit are all based on your ability to dive in, drive forward, and love every minute of each struggle every day.  Like fixing the broken thing in your home that always takes longer than you think it should, when you break through, you know that it wasn’t one single thing that got you there.  It was a series of things that created that breakthrough condition.

Your personal flow comes from deciding to be in the moment; acknowledge and let go of anything external. Focus. Commit.

I can’t wait to see what you create next!

Keep making your magic!

~ Dr P ~


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