Your Non-Negotiables

wednesdays with wayne Apr 17, 2019

We let so much “stuff” into our lives that it feels like we’re being pulled in all kinds of directions.  Sometimes, there’s no time for doing what matters. In this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne, you’re getting a hard shove back into commanding your life.  

When you take command of what matters to you, then you stop letting other things in.  Chances are, you don’t really have a full grasp of your day. Someone else controls your time.  Or, perhaps, a lot of other people do.

I would venture to say that someone else controls your thinking, too. If you rely on one primary source for your news and you get bent out of shape when you see things posted on Facebook, you’re not paying attention.  

As politically off-putting as this might sound, this is about your own “border wall.” You haven’t been really careful about what you are you choosing to allow into YOU.  From the TV you watch to the food you eat to the people in your life, focus on what you are deliberately allowing in and what you are intent on keeping out.

If your family member were in jeopardy, you would be pretty adamant about what kind of care they needed to get. There would be no waffling.

So when the subject of non-negotiables comes up, pay attention to what you are allowing in and what you are choosing to keep out.   Non-negotiables means you are intent on having or doing something - you are creating a very specific condition for yourself with no wavering.

NO wavering.
It’s NON-Negotiable.

I no longer eat _______.

I no longer tolerate __________ behavior from my partner/child/employer/etc.

I complete ____# of workouts/reports/deliverables by _______ time/day/date.

Take a moment to decide what you will and won’t tolerate any more.  It doesn’t mean you have to violently protest. Some things can be done quietly.  Simply affirm them for yourself.

What’s IN and what’s OUT for you from today onward?

You’ve got this!

Keep making your magic!

~ Dr P ~


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