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Your next big NEXT

wednesdays with wayne Feb 26, 2020

Oh my gosh.  Growing pains are really hard.

I am personally experiencing so much of what I’ve written about in the past.  This is a time of discernment – what’s IN and what’s no longer serving me; that is, what’s OUT.

Now I’m in the thick of looking at my values.  While my core values remain true, my peripheral values, something I talk about in my best selling Dynamic Transitions book, have changed significantly.  I’m now in the throes of letting go of who I was and looking forward to who I’m becoming.  No, it’s not a wholesale change out. As I said, my core values remain. Who you’ve come to know will continue to be.  

What’s changing is this:  I’m about to climb mountains that I’ve never climbed before.  Therefore, I need new maps, new guides, new tools, and renewed endurance.  For me, these “mountains” are international stages, new books at a higher level, and making a global impact with my message.

I’ve gone through iterations of myself before.  We all have. You aren’t the same person you were 20 years ago.  You aren’t the same person you were last year. The thing is, you probably weren’t deliberate about the changes.  The same way that skin cells replace regularly and you’re not aware of it, you change in thought and attitude ever so slightly.  It’s only in looking back that you can say that you’ve changed.

Well, what if you were deliberate about that next change for yourself.  What if you look forward and decide what you might need to take on to get there?  What do you need to do differently to create a future that’s scary wonderful for yourself?  

How do you need to think?

What support do you need?

Who has done what you want to do, even remotely?  What do that have and what are they doing that you’re not doing?

And, again, what support do you need?  Who do you need to get around to lift you to the next level?  Who do you need support or guidance from?

Do you even know what the next level is?

Getting to your next big NEXT is something that needs attention.  You spend time to plan your vacation, but you let your life just happen to you?  Nah.  

If you’re curious about how I’m helping a dozen special people and if you’re wondering if you can be one of them, click here.  Otherwise, dig in.  Set your sites on your next iteration of you.  What’s in? What’s out? Who is in and who is no longer a part of your main circle?  What new skills or talents do you need to get to your next? It’s not going to happen tomorrow, but it could sure start today!  Let’s go!

~ Dr P ~


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