Your New Year’s G-I-F-T

wednesdays with wayne Dec 11, 2019

Next week, I’ll be in Dallas shooting a half-hour segment on CBS.  

It’s great to get a two-minute spot.  It’s amazing if they (the producers) gives you a three-minute spot.  If you push to three and a half or four minutes, they’re squeezing someone else out for you.  

I get a half-hour to share my message!  

On CBS!  

And I’m super-excited!!!

I’ll be discussing
how to make, and keep, New Year’s resolutions.  

We’re in mid-December and it’s not too early to be thinking about what this new decade will hold.  Some people say things like, “let’s see what the New Year brings.” Nope. It’s what YOU bring to the New Year.  That means that what the New Decade holds for you is what you bring to it.  

You’ve seen people with empty wishes backed by limited action.  You might work with them, live with them, or notice them in the mirror.  “I’d like to….”

What?  You’d like to what?

What do you want to have, do, or become?

Don’t be afraid to dream big.  

Then, don’t be afraid to take action to make your big dream come true!

Think about what you want.

Dream BIG.

Dream big and then set the conditions to make that dream come true, step by step.  You don’t leap into a dream. There’s no overnight success. I didn’t become a #1 International Best-Selling Author all at once.  It was a book, page, paragraph, word at a time. I didn’t become a highly sought speaker all at once. I was full of the imposter phenomenon every time I hit the stage.  Until one day, I knew that the message was bigger than I am. And I kept getting on bigger and bigger stages.  

The point is, I have big dreams.  I’m taking action, step-by-step, to make them come true.  And these steps have taken a lot longer than I would have liked.  So what! I stuck with taking the steps.

And that’s where most people get lost.  

They wish and hope.  They don’t treasure their dreams.  

If you have something you treasure, you’ll take care of it and nurture it.  

You must treasure your dreams!

Dream big.

Set the conditions up for achieving your dreams, a step at a time.  

Act on that.

And then do it again.

Taking your small steps gets you down the road or up the mountain!  I learned a while ago that mountain climbers make their climbs in seven-inch increments in the snow.  Seven inches at a time, step-by-step. Dig in and push up. And then do it again.  

On CBS, I’ll be sharing that the GIFT of resolution keeping is this:


G Gratitude – be grateful for what you have.  That body you want to change is the body you need to work through the change.  

I Initiate – start!  Lay out your clothes, clear out your pantry, talk with someone who can inspire you to think differently about your job, your relationship, or yourself.

F Follow-Through – you take a step and then it’s important to take the next step.  This is how you build confidence! You repeat something until it becomes a part of who you are and how you are.  

T Tinker – People lose interest when routine becomes a rut.  Make changes to what you do or how you do it, just keep making progress!  


Plan now for your resolutions ahead.  The GIFT that you bring to the New Year is you!

Rock the rest of this month!  You make a difference! It #StartsWithOne.

~ Dr P ~


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