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Your Deliberate Accident

wednesdays with wayne May 09, 2018

Here’s something that could kill you – it’s known as the phenomenon of putting your attention on something so that it increases the likelihood of colliding with that thing.

This week’s Wednesdays With Wayne focuses on Target Fixation (see what I did there?).  

The phenomenon is so powerful that professional riders and racecar drivers are taught to focus on the road ahead and to keep their eyes and attention off of the wall or the tail light ahead.  Have you ever found yourself drifting to the line when you’re driving while thinking, “stay off the line?” You’ve been affected by Target Fixation.

We are driven toward that which we dwell upon.

Then if that’s the case, extrapolate.  Look at your life – what you focus on comes about.  Why are there so many mean people in the world? Because you’re focusing on mean.  Look at the posts on line that you’ve “liked” and notice what you get more of. You see a meme that’s funny and you like it, thinking: “Yeah, I’ve had those days… heheh.”  Uh, huh – and you’ll have more now.

You become that with which you surround yourself.

Want to get better at something?  Surround yourself with the leaders in that field!  Want to learn a new language? Get in there! Want to become wealthier?  Get around people who are.

Notice that the people who are really, really good at something are focused on creating the conditions for having that thing.

So if you’re driving down this road of life and you’re focused on the wall, you’re going to hit it.  It will kill you.

If you’re driving down the road of life and you focus on getting better, you begin to focus on the things that’ll get you there.  As an example, I walk down the cereal aisle in the grocery store and none of it registers as “food” to me. It’s colorful. It’s interesting.  And it’s not food. So I put my attention on what will fuel me; I focus on what will serve my body the most. Sure, there was a time that I was attracted to those sugary snacks.  I was focused on instant feel good. That was my wall. Heading towards it would have killed me.

This is about paying attention to what you’re focusing on, deliberately or inadvertently.  When the taillight of the car ahead in the next lane catches the eye of the motorcycle driver, that cyclist finds him/herself drifting towards it.  And that’s the set up for disaster.

What do you have in your environment that you can deliberately AND inadvertently get focused on?  Be deliberate about what you put into your environment so that your focus is on becoming your best self.

Inventory time:
What does success look like to you?  When you hear “success,” what do you think about?  How does your body react – what are you feeling?

  • Given the answers to those questions, what do you want to do more of or less of this week to make some subtle, yet powerful, shifts in your trajectory and direction?

Fuel your mind with something that’ll take you higher!
What is your new target on which you can – and will – now fixate.  Target fixation works for high performers. That’s how they become that.

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Until next time, keep making your magic™!

~ Dr P ~


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