Your Current Transition

wednesdays with wayne Jan 30, 2019

Besides being pretty darn good at getting people unstuck, I also focus on your transitions and help you build a stronger “next” for yourself.  So let’s explore that a bit.


You are in a transition of some sort right now, right?


Right, so is the transition you’re in related to your career, relationships (intimate or social), finances, health, or spiritual connection?


To transition means to move across.

Being in transition is to move from your current state to a new state.  That new state demands a new way of thinking. Many people look at a transition with dread.  YOU, dear high-performing leader, get to look at your transition with hopeful anticipation.


There are two answers you’ll need to get through this transition with grace and aplomb:

  1. What outcome do you really want?

Don’t blow this by discounting your desires.  What outcome do you really, truly want? What would be the ideal?  What would you dare to have happen as a result of getting through this tricky time?

  1. Who will you become to have this outcome?

THE HARDEST THING to recognize is that the person you are today isn’t the person you were five or ten years ago.  In fact, the person from your past couldn’t do what you do today. Not the same way. That person was on a path and learned and grew along the way.

Determine what knowledge you are willing glean, and how.

Determine what other tools or resources you’ll need to get to make this desired outcome a reality.


Once you have those two answers, and they’re not small, by any means, you’ll be ready for the next step in this Wednesdays With Wayne path:  Calendar your to-do list and growth steps.  


That’s it.  The transition you’re in may take a little longer than you’d hoped to come all the way through.  Just remember that when you’re going through heck, keep on going. And yes, when one door closes, another always opens, but those hallways get messy sometimes.  Give yourself permission to want the things you want. Look at who you need to grow into to have that status (whether career, relationships, finances, health, or spirit), then take action.  Do something differently than you’ve done so that you can become different from who you are.


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Until next week,

Keep Making Your Magic™!


~ Dr P ~


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