Your Circle Gets Smaller!

wednesdays with wayne Dec 05, 2018

YOU are in my circle and whether or not we’re on the same path (of course we’re not, you have your own path), I’d like to think that we can both challenge AND support each other along our different paths.  

Having just watched a compelling video released by Trent Shelton, I was struck by the part where he talks about people who say they support you but aren’t really there for you.  It’s a tough one to think about.  I think the message needs to be that they’re not really there for you in the way YOU want them to be there for you.  When you invest in growing yourself, people don’t tend to celebrate that. It can feel as if you are being dragged backwards or anchored to where you were.

Remember that people pick their own paths.  Sometimes their path of growth isn’t your path of growth, so what feels like being dragged back or lack of support is simply a fork in the road.

What support do you really need?
And, as a matter of perception, what support do they need from you.
The message doesn’t have to be “screw them if they don’t support me,” but rather one of finding the support you need.  That often has to come from inside yourself FIRST.

As you grow, your perception changes; what fuels you, changes.
Remember that what got you here won’t get you there.

Decide on your own “there” and recognize that most people, when given the chance, don’t want to go “there” with you.  They may not know how to support you in your quest because it’s uncomfortable. They want comfort and safety. Most people like the idea of “there” and are a little put off by the work it will take to get there.

Even just having to make choices gets hard.

And then the choices get harder.  Remember the last time you had to make a tough decision?  Not everyone understood you, your desires, your motives, or your methods.  You ached inside. And you knew you had to keep going anyway.

This Wednesdays With Wayne is about you looking at your year end and the year ahead.  How did you do with your choices for growth this year? How are you doing when looking at the year ahead?

Think about how your circle of the people you are engaging with is changing.  Remember that you’re the sum of the five people with whom you are engaging the most.  Take a look, then. Are they pushing to expand themselves? Are they committed to a path of betterment?  Are they lifting you? Or are they holding on to the life they’ve had, fearful of anything related to a real change in your trajectory?

Here, you can help each other on their own paths.  Their growth and development doesn’t have to be yours.  And vice-versa.

Close out this year strong!

Take aim and get ready to launch into the New Year.  

Know that your circles might shift a bit.  Back to that Trent Shelton video for a second:  I can feel the truth behind one of the things he says:  as you grow, your circle gets smaller.  What he doesn’t say is how painful that can be.  Your relationships with people WILL change. Are you okay with that?  

Remember that as you invest in yourself and commit to your growth, your perspective changes.  That’s powerful!

So here’s to a new, powerful perspective and an amazing New Year.
Get super-intentional about how you’ll use the next few weeks of this year.
Be deliberate about what you are going to create in 2019.  This isn’t about a “wish.” It’s about an intentional plan for your personal and professional development.

Now I don’t know what path you’re on or what your circle looks like.  What I do know is that if I can help you, I’d like to do that. And if you can help someone else, please do that.  Set your 2019 plan. Ask for help. Help someone else. Support your circle.

Got it?

Now… rock it!

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Keep making your magic™!

~ Dr P ~


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