You've Already Won!

wednesdays with wayne Jul 11, 2018

You start your day as a winner!  You have already won the day! And in this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne, I’ll challenge you to hold onto that feeling!  

Because you organized your week on Sunday and last night you reviewed your day ahead, you already know what you get to do today.

You’ve already won this day!  Why would you let anyone take that away from you?
This day is yours!  It’s yours to bring joy to others.  It’s yours to serve fully and bring even greater significance and meaning to your life.

Too often I’ve heard the stifled cry of “I’m doing okay, but I just don’t feel fulfilled.”   There’s a sense of overwhelm mixed with dread. The goal is to make it through one more day. You’re not here to “just get through it.”  You’ve got much more life in you than that. Right? (Remember that!)

As I’ve often suggested, take a moment – reflect on your day.  What can you do to lift someone up today? Who needs it most? Yes, amongst all of the “need to do” stuff that you’ve let fill your calendar, who can you help bring a smile to?

This day is yours.  If you’re unfulfilled, you’ve lost sight of that and you’ve lost your way.  Come back to who you are. Come back to what you believe in.
Do that and you’ve already won the day!  

Can you do me (and yourself) a favor?
Would you watch a quick video and let me know what you think?  It’s two minutes and it’s not only an invitation to go deeper, it’s a great reminder for you to own your day.  I think you’ll like this:

Keep making your magic™ - You’ve already won!

~ Dr P ~


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