You, The Time Traveler

wednesdays with wayne Oct 03, 2018

If you could go back in time and change just one thing for yourself, what would it be?  In this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne, you get to time-travel just a bit.

Traveling back in time twenty years ago, if you changed just one thing back then, it would have made a difference to you today, wouldn’t it?

The same is true for five years ago.

And the same goes for something you could have done differently even a couple of weeks ago.  Imagine an incident or opportunity that you encountered just two weeks ago. What one thing could you have done differently then that would put you in a different place now?

Was it telling someone something, learning something, or taking an action that seemed just out of reach but in looking back, would have made such a positive difference for you or someone you care about?

Here’s something really odd:  You find it easier to look back and imagine how changing just one thing in the distant (or even recent) past could have made such a difference for you now.  The odd part is that you look at today and find it hard to justify taking action on that one thing you know you could do, probably never really thinking about how much of a difference taking that one action today would make to the you of the future.

If you had just one extra glass of water today, and began that as a practice, how would you feel in two weeks?  Or set a timer for going to bed? Or limited your screen time? Or breathed more deeply, stretched more fully, or began smiling more on purpose.  Small stuff.

And the hard stuff?  Even taking one small step for a “micro-win” will make a difference to you.

Remember this is time-traveling you now.  You’ve gone back in time to look at an action you could have taken that would have made your current your happier and healthier.  Time travel forward two weeks to twenty years. What does the you of tomorrow want you to do today?  Just one thing! Just one!

Sign up for that course.  Have that conversation. Read.  Seek real food. Focus. Walk. Smile.  Breathe. Sit up straighter.

There are a lot of ways you could make your day better today AND have an amazing impact on tomorrow.  Sometimes it’s hard in the moment.

And yet, the investment is worth it.  

The commitment is worth it.

Live in the NOW and create a bright future, too!

Think substitution –
If I did this one thing instead of that one thing, what would be the pay-off for me or the people around me?  

If you read a few pages in a book instead of spending time on social media, how would that positively affect your future?

If you spent even just part of a weekend focusing on your growth and development instead of on “blowing it out,” what would the rest of your week, month, and year look like?

Look at the calendar.  We still have time this calendar year to make this an (even more) amazing year!  And next year…? Look out!

Here are three words for you to take with you this week.  Start today… now!

  • Invest in yourself
  • Substitute one new thing for one thing you know deep down doesn’t serve you
  • Commit to taking daily action on that thing you’re investing it

The me of a few years ago invested in myself.  Since then, I’ve become a #1 International Best-Selling Author.  I’ve been on radio and TV and interviewed by blogs and magazines, as well.  None of that was an accident. I invested, I substituted, I committed.

And now it’s your turn!

Start there and keep making your magic™!

~ Dr P ~


By the way…

Hay House is an amazing publishing company.  I did an interview for Hay House Radio a couple of months ago.  My interview is airing this Friday.

Click here to listen in!!/episode/the-principles-of-love-and-empowerment

And here are some other great resources for you!

While you’ve missed out on next week’s select breakthrough retreat for personal and professional development, you can get on the waiting list for the next one to be held in the early springtime.  

Go to and click on the wait list link.

Maybe it’s a book you could use.  Reading just a few pages a day does make a difference!  Go to

Imagine spending just an hour a week taking a course rather than losing track of time on your favorite social media site.  Just an hour a week! Take a look around at the offerings at  

Invest, Substitute, Commit –
Invest in yourself.  Substitute one new action for something that isn’t working.  Commit to taking daily, regular action.

Do yourself a favor and explore these links.  Now, while you’re online reading this. Invest and commit to yourself, starting now.  Ahhhhhh, your future looks brighter already!


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