You Said YES!

wednesdays with wayne Jan 31, 2018

That’s how you got to where you are – you said yes in a strange, circuitous, series.  Looking out over the bluffs at Cabo San Lucas, I got into a discussion with a gentleman who had flown in from Australia.  Kirby pointed out that in order for a gathering of so many great minds at a location like this, you had to have said YES in multiple different scenarios.

It’s a courageous word, YES.  

There’s a lot of work that has gone into the “It’s time to say NO to more stuff” movement.  And, to a degree, it’s true.  We clutter our schedules with things that ultimately don’t really matter.  And we need to say “No” more often.

I think we need to say YES more deliberately, too.

And you’re here because you’ve got a mission.  Somewhere deep down, your work will change the lives of other people.  In this Wednesdays With Wayne, you get to explore how to amplify that.  You want more, you want to learn more, you want to be more, and ultimately you want to give more back to others.  Right?

How do you do that if you’re stagnating?

When you elevate yourself, you take the people around you with you.  Your family and your team, even your friends, they all get a little bit better because you’ve leveled up your game.  And you did it by saying Yes.

Saying Yes to your continuing education means that you deliberately, intentionally, fully committed to investing in yourself.  

My doing so brought me to Cabo San Lucas, where I learned about business, about marketing, and about personal development.  I’ll be bringing all of that back to my friends, family, and clients – both DynamicLeader and at Pride Institute.  When I get better, the lives of those I touch get better.  

You’re so good now!  You are!  Look around at the life you have!  It’s awesome.  You’ve already touched so many lives.  And, you know you can do better.

So, to what Continuing Education will you commit?  What investment will you be making in yourself?  Will you say yes to a new magazine, a library book, or a meeting with someone who challenges you.  Will you commit to a program costing tens of thousands of dollars or maybe one costing $500?

You get to decide.  If you want the Direct Power System course that’ll boost your influence, tune up your relationships, and get your voice heard, then jump in on the CHOOSE2018 code to use for half-off, but only until 5pm tonight.  Seriously, the prices go up on Thursday and this coupon cuts the already too-low price in half.  

I’m doing this now because I’ve seen how life-changing this program is.  If you learn even one small tidbit that positively affects your relationships, isn’t it worth it?  Yes.  

The answer is YES.

Click here – and hey, if you don’t like it, you get all your money back if you let me know in the first 30 days.  That’s cool, right?  You get to jump in, learn what you can, and decide in the first month if what you’re learning is a keeper or not.  I just want you to keep your momentum going, that’s why I’m offering this to you now.  YOU decide what you say YES to.  You decide how to make your magic, continue growing, and become more.  Do it with this course or another course.  The world needs you!

And since I’ve been putting this in front of you for a month, and I realize not everyone got a chance to see it, I wanted to be sure you saw it this time – THIS EXPIRES TONIGHT.

Click here – enter CHOOSE2018 for 50% off!!!!

Boom!  You’ve changed your trajectory for 2018.

You said YES!


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