You Deserve This

wednesdays with wayne Nov 01, 2017

Usually posts in November remind you about giving thanks.  Let’s take this on from a different angle and look at what you deserve.  Seriously, start thinking about the life you deserve.  Start thinking about how much you have to give if you stopped playing small.  

Deserving is different than being entitled.  You really deserve a life full of love and joy.  You’re not entitled to drive a Maserati or necessarily, to even have a car.  The thing is, you create both and one of those things you can get right now, just by thinking about it.  

I’ll get right to it.  In this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne, you get to ask yourself the following questions.  To make them even more impactful, ask them out loud (yes, really).  


Do I deserve to be happy?
Yes, I do (and I offer it)!

Do I deserve love?
Yes, I do (and I offer it)!

Am I entitled to being waited on?
Uh, no…  In fact, I’ll probably get more of what I want and deserve by serving others.

Am I entitled to a new car or a new computer?
No, I’ll work to get those.  

Do I deserve respect.
Yes, I do… and I offer it.


Are you seeing a theme here?  Only positional power makes you entitled to something.  It doesn’t mean that person would receive what most others deserve.

That is, when you offer joy, love, and respect you are more likely to have them returned in kind.

So what’s the HUMAN thing to do… the KIND thing…?  Stepping up is essential.  Do that this month.  BE that this month.

Keep a lookout for a special offer next week.  I’m going to be giving away one of my courses.  Yes… I’m going to be giving away the Direct Power System ($397 value).  Look for next week’s Wednesdays With Wayne to learn more!

Until then, Keep Making Your Magic™!!!

~ Dr P ~


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