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Why you haven't started is BS!

wednesdays with wayne Jan 10, 2018

We’re in the second week of the New Year and you’re struggling with those goals.  The story you tell yourself is that you missed the starting gun so you shouldn’t run the race.  The story you tell yourself is that if you can’t do it perfectly, you shouldn’t do it.  The story you tell yourself is . . . what exactly?

It’s Blunt Reality Time here at this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne.

You don't have perfectionism. You have a fear of being a failure and being judged for it. You have a fear that being judged means you won’t be accepted.  Ostracism – being separated from the pack – is such a powerful social/survival force, that we humans will do almost anything to avoid it.  You call it perfectionism.  So, you CHOOSE not to start. That way, the failure that you're experiencing is an outside force on you and not something that you're responsible for.

THAT is faulty thinking.

Perfectionism is putting something out there, actually trying, not quite getting the results you want, and refining.

Refinement is the perfection process.
You can't refine what you don't start.

So, start. Then fail. Then re-do.

If that means you write something in your journal that's "wrong," then guess what, you get to write something else.  If that means starting a 20-minute exercise routine and only making it to the first six minutes, guess what, you get to go for six and a half minutes tomorrow.  It only feels like failure because it took you longer to get dressed to work out than it did to be IN the workout.  But you got there.  And that’s not failure.  

You just need to get past this big fear of being "wrong" about taking ANY step.

THE goal is to be better than you were yesterday.


So, don’t go to bed tonight without having done something differently or accomplished something that you didn’t have yesterday.  

  • Do one push-up
  • Look up a new word in the dictionary
  • Learn a new word in a different language
  • Read three pages in that book (you know, the one you’ve said you’d get to)
  • Set out your exercise clothes for the morning
  • Plan your meals for tomorrow (even just one meal… plan it)

Those are some ideas for you.  Right now, list three goals you have for today. Just three.

Start. Then, celebrate.
Don't diminish that "it's not enough." If you set goals and you got 'em done, then you must celebrate.

Then, you get to do it again tomorrow with slightly bigger goals.

And then you get to do it again the next day.  Growing every day.  Choosing Your Power in the process.

No one said you had to lose 40 pounds by the end of the week.
No one said you had to have read two books by tomorrow.
What are YOUR goals for TODAY?

Set them.  Write them down.
Then, set some for tomorrow, for next Friday, and for the end of the month.
And... GO!


There are a lot of resources out there for you.  

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Stop making excuses.  Invest in yourself (now at half-off) and commit to a better 2018.  You own this year.  So, OWN IT.  


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You’ve got this!
No more BS.  No more stories of why you can’t…

Make 2018 your year NOW and check out the Direct Power System

Until next week, Keep Making Your Magic™!

~ Dr P ~


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