Who’s Watching You?

wednesdays with wayne Feb 20, 2019

Do you ever have the feeling that you’re being watched?  It’s not a paranoid thing. It’s a reality. You really ARE being watched!

The odd thing about social media and selfie sticks and all the public attention that happens is that you might end up asking yourself, “Do I look okay?”  Instead, we all need to be asking ourselves, “Who is watching me today?”

For better or worse, you are a role model for others.  

Your family is watching how you show up and respond in certain situations.

Your team is watching how you show up and respond.

And since you’d like to be seen as someone who is present and (mostly) in control of themselves, you need to be worried less about what you look like and more about who you are being for the people around you.

You are seen and judged.

We all are.

The question really is in whether your authentic self is showing up consistently.  

I used to show up as “DR Pernell” with a capital DR.  I thought I needed to be that. I thought that to be “professional” I needed to be very doctor-ish, whatever that was.

What I’ve learned is that when I’m more me and showing up as my best self, people get the best out of me.  I’m in a space of greater service when I’m less concerned about how I look (that’s “ME” focused) and more focused on the people who might be watching me, for whom I might be of service.

I do my best to model congruence and authenticity.  It’s how I run my retreats, coach, and even write my books.

Some people don’t like that style.  Fair enough.

Most people find it refreshing.  It’s not that I’m going to the Ohhhhh Soooooo Vulnerable space.  I’m going to the place of this is the real me – sometimes serious with lots to say, sometimes goofy and playful, sometimes raw and vulnerable.

For me, it’s no longer about whether I look alright.  It really is about who is watching. I want to model authenticity and congruence.

And in my doing that, I’m hoping you will too.  Be authentic. Be real. And… BE YOUR BEST SELF!

Keep making your magic™!

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~ Dr P ~


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