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wednesdays with wayne Apr 24, 2024

It’s odd. Themes come in waves for me and blog posts come from my noticing. Recently, I’ve been asked A LOT about how I work with my clients. “When you work with an individual client, a corporate client, or a group, where do you start? And are they all the same?”


It’s a GREAT question because the answer just might serve you as you dream bigger and climb to your next great next.


My logo for Exponential Success has a torch with three Vs in it. There are also three mountains in the background which, when inverted, make three Vs. And that’s where I start when I work with anyone, individual or corporate, who wants to leap to Exponential Success.


Values: Identify them for yourself. Look at what they were, what they are, and most important, what they need to become for you to grow into the person who owns your Exponential Success.


Vision: Take your values and build a vivid picture of what you want. What you really, really, really want. Then evaluate, will your values get you there or are you still holding yourself back somehow. Use your values to leverage your vision.


Vitality: Vital = Life, so what are you doing to give life to your vision and values? How are you embodying what you said you believed in?


From there, you build in great communication and working agreements. 


And that is the summary of a conversation I just had over a two-hour lunch with the senior executive at a multi-national firm. 


Exponential Success is easy: Values, Vision, Vitality.


What are you doing to move towards your next big next?


Keep making your magic and I’ll see you here next week.

= Wayne = 

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