When Will It Ease Up?

wednesdays with wayne Nov 07, 2023

In reviewing some notes from a client, he asked, “When will it all ease up?”


I believe that this indicates that a growth spurt is immanent. When you wonder when – or if –  it will all ease up, you’re either going to find a way to regress, to feel overwhelmed, and to do things that keep you in that state of fluster, or you grow.


“When will it all ease up?”


The truth is that it doesn’t ease up. You just get better at handling what comes your way. 


Oh, and you also gain a little perspective and realize that YOU ARE THE ONE THAT PUT IT ALL THERE. 

         –   The bills. You made choices that got you to the place of enjoying what you have. You just
              deferred the payment for those choices.

         –   The business details. You made choices to hire or not hire, to expand or not expand, to use
              resources at your disposal or not.

         –   The family? Yeah… really, more choices.

         –   Your relationships. Again, more choices.


In my first book, Choosing Your Power, I have a chapter called “Overwhelmed, by Choice OR Overwhelmed by Choice?” The point here is that sometimes we have so much in front of us that we don’t realize we chose to put it there. And, when it’s there and we’re certain there’s a way out, we can’t sort through the choices we have.


Take a breath and allow yourself the perspective that you’ve done hard things before. With so much going on, you GET TO step into a growth spurt that will get you through this. You’re about to grow!


Think about any time you’ve gone through something really hard (setting up or expanding your business, hiring, firing, having kids, having fights, keeping family in line). It doesn’t ease up. You just get better at handling it all. 


The questions are:

  • What can I control?
  • What do I need to control?
  • What do I actually NOT need to control?


When I taught martial arts, I relied on the axiom of: Enter when pulled; Turn when pushed.


If you’re feeling tugged on, most people would want to pull back. Instead, if you step in and take over the center from where the tug originates, you’re back in control. Bison run toward the storm to get through it more quickly. Enter and make it yours.


This is where the growth happens. Enjoy the ride.

Keep making your magic!


= Wayne = 

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