What's A DPS™??

wednesdays with wayne Jul 26, 2017

You’ve been getting some updates about the new course I’m creating and, today, as you read this, we’re part way through filming.  It’s pretty exciting and there’s still time to jump in on the fun.  It all starts at noon pacific time.  Not only am I filming, but I’ve got some fun giveaways, too.  Check it out here: Behind-The-Scenes Filming of The Direct Power System™ Course

So just what IS a DPS™?

It’s actually personal… it’s your Direct Power System™.

Have you ever felt like your communications were just missing the mark?  Like YOU know what you meant but no one seemed to take what you said with the importance it had for you?  

Have you ever felt like you could help someone if they’d only let you?  

Or maybe you find yourself wondering if you’re in the right place… like you’re out of place because you’re not actually owning your space?  


Maybe you’re excited to have been on track and then something, that little blip, makes you wonder about the path you’re on?


Or it could be that you’ve been heading on your success path for a while and, having gotten closer or even attained what you thought would feel like success actually feels sort of… well, empty.


Almost two decades ago, I began putting together some notes for my book… that book that I would write “someday.”  I had the working title already and when I finally started actually writing my very first book called Choosing Your Power, the working title was A Worthy Struggle.  My thinking was that we, humans, go through A LOT every day.  And while the struggle IS worth honoring, I noticed that as I started writing, I realized I was focusing on the struggle and not focusing on the breakthroughs.  So, I changed the name… twice.  And, funny enough, that is part of what the Direct Power System™ is all about.  


It’s about your strengths.  You know when you’ve bounced back.  Resilience is such a strong component of the DynamicLeader® that it’s natural.  It’s not effortless; it’s natural.


The Direct Power System™ is something you can refer to for yourself, every day.  You can ask yourself, even now, “am I on the path that I meant to be on?”  That is, are you being deliberate about your direction?  Ask, “what course corrections could I make right now to bring even more results AND happiness into my life today?”  And then, “…what about the lives of others?”


Refer to your DPS™ throughout the day.


Like an electrical outlet, or perhaps more like rechargeable batteries, the question is, are you “plugged in?”  Do you have the power you want, need, and deserve to make the life you want, need, and deserve?


As part of your Direct Power System™ you can tap in and ask yourself how to get to where you want to be by asking, “Okay! What’s next?”


Keep that question in mind, the “what’s next?” question; this must be asked with optimism, not fear – it’s not “oh my gosh… now what…!!!???” or a defeated “ughhh, what’s next?”  

Actually, it’s more asked with curiosity and excitement – even if you’re not always feeling it – “alrighty... what does this day hold?  What do I bring to this day?  What’s next???”


Doing so keeps you focused on your outcome – your EPO or Envisioned Positive Outcome.

From there you build your path.  Sometimes it’s a long-term focus, sometimes it’s making things happen in the next 10 minutes.

You have control over your direction.  There is a SYSTEM part of the DPS™ - and future posts will dive deeper into that for you (and it’s not too late today to tune into the behind the scenes filming of the Direct Power System.)

For now, recognize that you bring your System with you.  The System is what drives you, yet you build it and you recharge it… from within.  It’s a mindset thing that involves your body and spirit, too.  It’s an accountability process to yourself, to show up and be your best you.  Because really, if you can’t or won’t, you’re robbing people around you of the best gift ever… YOU!

You can learn more about the Success & Significance™ course, the Direct Power System™ course, and a new membership with monthly updates at www.DynamicLeader.com

Keep making your magic™ and I’ll see you online again soon!

~ Dr P ~


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