What Your Thoughts Say About Your Future

wednesdays with wayne Mar 09, 2022

Think about the last thought you had. Whether it was, “okay, I’ll just read this and then I’ll…” or “I wonder what he means by that headline,” your thoughts are future focused. THAT is why it’s SO important to pay attention to them.


From, “I wonder what’s for dinner” to “That jerk at work probably didn’t get his stuff in on time,” you’re predetermining your future condition.  


The reason I start every morning with gratitude, “Thank You” being the first two words out of my mouth as I awaken each day, is that doing so sets the stage for me to think about the day. I’m in gratitude, so I get to do things in my day.


My thoughts float to what I get to do, not what do I have to do and who is going to need something from me. I choose to serve greatly each day. That’s a thought I have and it sets up my future… even if that future is simply this day… each day.


Your thoughts affect your future.

Reminiscing? You’re either putting yourself in gratitude or lack and either of those will affect your future for the positive or the not so….


Planning something? Yep, that affects your future.

Attached to the outcome of every last detail? That’ll put you in lack thinking. 

Creating contingencies? That’ll put you in powerful presence® thinking.


You might be thinking, “I wonder if this is true?”

And then, your thoughts go to either proving it or not. You might have scanned your calendar mentally as you read this. 


How are you feeling?

Your thoughts created that state.


What’s your MindState and more important, what do you want it to be?


Let me know your thoughts on this and I’ll see you here next week!


= Wayne = 

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