wednesdays with wayne Aug 23, 2017

A funny thing just happened to my friend, Mike.  It reminded me so much about a story that I tell, that I just had to bring it to you!

In this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne we look at how YOU are so much like a Dragonfly, you might need someone to “shoo” you on your way.

A dragonfly got into the house.  That’s supposed to be lucky… unless you’re the dragonfly.  Or you have cats and you’re trying to have a restful afternoon.


Watch the “Dragonfly” video here
(you’ll enjoy these quick few minutes)


So this dragonfly gets in and buzzes around and then it finds the glass door!  It hits the glass pane.  It buzzes up against the glass pane.  It pushes hard against that clear glass pane.  It pushes against and flies into the glass over and over and over again.  You can tell it’s trying to get back out.  It knows it can do it.  It must.

In fact, the door is open.  If it could find its way to its left by less than a foot, it could be easily on its way.

So why can’t it get out?

Maybe it’s just not trying hard enough.  I mean, it has the skills to fly.  You know, “If you just try hard enough, you can do anything you want.”  That must be it.  Maybe it’s just not trying hard enough!  It pushes against that glass and buzzes louder.

And then Mike takes a paper and gently scoots it over.  A few inches.  And then to the open space in the doorway.

It turns around, gives Mike a fist-bump, and flies off.

Okay, this is all pretty-much true (except for the fist-bump thing, but you know it would’ve if it could’ve).

So where does that leave you?

You know that the world’s highest achievers have a great sense of clarity?  It’s one of the six top traits or habits that they practice over and over again.

Do you have your purpose clearly defined?  

Do you – for yourself, for your life, for your organization?

And, when you get stuck and lose perspective, do you have the help you need to gain that perspective again, to get you realigned, and then remind you to use the strengths you have?

We need purpose.

We need perspective.

And, we need a gentle push from the outside to get us moving in the right direction.

Get your Purpose, Perspective, and Pushes in place.

And yeah, until next week - Keep Making Your Magic™!!!

~ Dr P ~

(And, if you want my focus on your life or business to get you to your next level, to have more, be more, and to serve more… I’m here for you.  Check out the programs I have online and the one-to-one coaching that you can get.)


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