wednesdays with wayne Feb 15, 2017

What’s next for you?  Not, what are you working on now, but really… what’s next?

It’s a huge question because in the world of motivation, that’s the key.  In this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne you get to do a little reflecting and THIS will help your leadership.

I recently finished shooting a series of videos for my online course on Leadership, Success, and Significance.  When the last one was done, it didn’t feel great.  I didn’t have a surge of “wahhooooo!”  I didn’t feel relief.

I wanted to think about what’s next.  It turns out, there’s some research in the area of neurochemistry that backs up the great feeling that comes with “next.”  Being almost at the finish line drives you to feel a whole lot better than actually crossing the finish line.  

Research in aging shows the need for a need for “next,” too.  To stay engaged, we need to feel the need to stay engaged.  Yes, that’s circular.  And it’s true.  

And, for you as a leader, think about providing a “next” for your family, your team, and yourself.  That sense of next (with a positive intrinsic reward) gives you the engagement you want and need from your team members.  And as an individual, the same holds true!  What are you working on?  When is it going to be completed?

Okay, so… what’s next?

Hey, really, let me know what’s next on your list.  What are you going to create?  Where are you going in your travels?  How is life getting better for you?  What’s next?

To find out more about what could be “next” for you, check out www.DynamicLeader.com - come on in, look around, and certainly stay tuned for the Success & Significance Course to be released soon.  Really, really soon!  (That could be next for me and for you!  I’ll release it and you can check it out.)

Until next time, make it magical!  

~ Dr Wayne Pernell ~


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