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What I Like About You

wednesdays with wayne Feb 19, 2020

I share the stuff that my DynamicLeader® breakthrough clients are working on so you can see how “those people” who have so much going for them have this core thing we all have going… we’re all human.  That means that there are times that self-doubt enters. It means that there’s a process to learning how to talk to yourself.  

At one point in our conversation my DynamicLeader® breakthrough client said, “I’m not really good at complimenting myself.”  A couple of things sprang to mind. My first thought was that I really liked this guy. How could he say that he doesn’t compliment himself?  My next thought was about what he does tell himself. Is it negative or are compliments just absent? And my third thought was about how we need to practice grace with ourselves.  

What do you like about you?

What would you think I’d see as likable about you?

And beyond the judgement of likability, what would you think that I’d say you’re good at?

This isn’t an ego-trip as much as it’s a perspective shift.  In answering these questions, I don’t think you’ll forget humility in the process.  You’re not becoming some egotistical poo-head yelling, “I’m the best everrrrrr.”  

Remember that you’re a good human.  Acknowledge that you do good and that you are good.  That is a great place to start with complimenting yourself.  We humans ALL have stuff to work on. As a daily practice, find something you can compliment yourself on.  

It’s too easy to dismiss the positive, we take it for granted because it’s not some “super-man/woman” kind of heroic act.  Instead we allow the less nice stuff in. We tell ourselves, “you’re just not good enough.” Or, “that wasn’t such a big deal.”  You wouldn’t let a stranger talk to you that way. Interrupt that. Open to the goodness that you are and that you bring. And build on that.

You’re here.

You make a difference.

You bring your unique humanity.

And as quirky as you are, all of that is what I like about you!

Go spread your sunshine.  This stuff… it #StartsWithOne™

See you here next week!

~ Dr P ~


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