What Happened When I Lost Track of Purpose

wednesdays with wayne Mar 31, 2021

There's a lot of talk about the big Why. 

When you fall into SHOULD it's easy to lose your sense of what it's all for.

  • I should get up
  • I should exercise
  • I should eat better
  • I should get that report done
  • I should read more


We lose our sense of purpose when we feel like we’re doing it for someone else.


Conversely – 

We return to our purpose when we remember that we positively affect the lives of others.

When you deliberately, actively, positively® affect someone else’s life, you’ve made the unconscious drudgery of getting through another day something much more conscious and unfathomably priceless.  


Priceless – unbelievably valuable – you showing up…  


Do you have a lot going on in your world right now?

It’s weird, right? We’re seeing the same things over and over and yet, as you read this, your day is probably scheduled far beyond what you want it to be. What happened to that “me time” you promised yourself?


When I got lost in the tasks, I forgot the outcome. “I have to do ____.” 

My purpose disappeared, I got mildly depressed, and I felt like my life was a rolling mess of an unending task list.


When I stepped back long enough to realize that I was in control of my life, my calendar, and my task list, everything changed. Everything.


And I came to this, reminding myself what I stand for and the good I do in the world: the DynamicLeader® Programs teach, touch, and positively transform the lives of successful people, reaching new exponential targets of success and fulfillment.


I’m in control of that at the same time I yield to that. My purpose needs me to show up fully.


Get that?

Your Purpose 


To Show Up Fully

It doesn’t matter if you’re stocking shelves at the local pharmacy or if you’re doing the most delicate surgery, when you live into your purpose, you are deliberately, actively, positively® affecting the lives of others.


Remember that.


Be that. Today. Right now.


Thank you. You may not hear that from the people you affect, so I’ll say it. Thank you.

Truly, thank you.


~ Dr P ~


Not sure that you have a firm grasp on your purpose? Want to join a small group of us for a few days in St. Louis on April 16th and 17th? You’ll tap in and reignite something you forgot you even had. Your power and your purpose are waiting. And the people you serve, your family, friends, colleagues, and clients, they’re waiting for you to show up a little more boldly, too. 

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