What Do You Have...?

wednesdays with wayne Nov 23, 2016

Jessica, a flight attendant, shared with me how three of her closest friends were taken in a freak boating accident.  She was cheerful and told me that she chose to be.  She said that the alternative was untenable.  In Choosing Your Power, I note:  to be able to look at what you have and marvel at the wonder of it’s being there! When you start each day from a place of true gratitude for the gifts in your life, No matter what those gifts are, your perspective changes.

It’s easy to look at problems. It’s easy to look at how much you don’t have. The battle to keep positive can only be one by keeping a positive. Here, energy gets energy.  Focusing on doing something positive builds more positivity.

What positive attitude will you have this long weekend?  How will you carry it forward?

To those in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving!  For you, my dear reader, I am grateful.

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