Wayne-isms Part ONE - Stay in Curiosity and You Cannot Live in Judgment

wednesdays with wayne Jun 05, 2024

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at The Wizard Academy in Austin, TX. 

Yes, it’s a real place, a non-profit for business-people looking to open to new ways of thinking about their business and their life. I’m not here to plug ‘em; I wanted to share some fun I had.


I was one of the kick-off speakers for a two-day conference. And, at the end of the two days, the questions of “what did you like best?” came around. Attendees took the mic and shared various “nuggets” that they took away from the instructional time. 


I felt so honored by hearing people repeat back MY words. Simple things I’ve been saying over the years. And these amazing people, some of whom you might know of because, well, they’re out there, shared back my truth.


So, I thought I’d offer them here. In bite-sized nibbles. This month, you’ll get a little something to think about, one sentence at a time.



Stay in Curiosity and You Cannot Live in Judgment


It’s that simple. If you haven’t seen my TEDx talk with over 2M views, you might want to check it out and share it. It’s called, How A Parallax Perspective Can Disrupt Perceptual Bias. That’s fancy talk for the idea that if you shift the way you look at things, everything about what you’re looking at changes.


Because we make snap judgments about people, we miss A LOT about them, their stories, their background, their wisdom, their motivations, and so much more.


That guy that cut you off in traffic didn’t wake up to target you. It’s not personal. 

We don’t know anything about them or what’s motivating them to drive that way.


The barista who seems just a bit unfriendly and that bit too efficient, we don’t know anything about her and how she interacted with you isn’t about you. (Is it?)


I wonder…


I wonder what happened to make this person interact with the world this way today.

I wonder what else I’m missing about the context of the situation.
I wonder what I’m missing about the other person.

I wonder what I’m missing about myself (what might I be bringing to this situation).



If you feel like your blood pressure is rising and you’re triggered by something, you’re missing something. You gave your personal control away. We’ll explore this more next week. For now, give yourself the gift of wonder and you’ll stay out of judgment.


Keep making your magic – 


= Wayne = 

A better life? Define better. 

YOU define better, then uplevel THAT! 

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