Wanting Better Coaches

wednesdays with wayne Apr 03, 2024

I jumped on my Peloton treadmill this morning and found myself disappointed. I wanted the leader to push me more. It’s an odd thing to think about those coaching or pushing me, to know there’s more in me and to dig for it, encouraging me to dig for it.


We want our coaches to encourage us to dig deeper and in doing so, to envision (not just imagine or hope for) an amazing future just ahead.


Can you imagine Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, or any of the Kansas City Chiefs saying that they just wanted to be coddled by their coach. “Just stop pushing me and be a nice cheerleader” would never come out of their mouths. Instead, a level of trust is built and the dynamic is, “Bring Out My Best!”

Push me past the point of my potential.

That’s what we want from our coaches. You might be at the point in your life (or your week, for that matter) where you just want to take it easy for a moment. That’s cool. Even the best coaches know that those in their care need time to step back, integrate the learning, and then come back to the push


This ALL gets back to a simple-yet-difficult question: What do you really desire?


I continue to be shocked (okay, it’s more like simple surprise and not real shock) by what comes up for me in terms of what I really desire. What I thought I wanted was what I said I wanted several years ago. And now, the me of today wants something completely different. The journey of the expansive life you could claim really doesn’t end.

A number of my friends, colleagues, and neighbors are beginning to retire. 

Some wither away in “relaxation.” 

Others expand their worlds and choose to follow the dreams they had put off for “someday.” They recognize that today is that someday.

What needs to be made even more clear is that TODAY IS THAT SOMEDAY for each of us. We don’t have to wait for retirement (whatever that means) or that big milestone to be passed or whatever else you’ve been putting off your desires for. 

It’s why my
1:1 coaching clients continue to renew their sessions with me. It’s why my attendees at my Exponential Success Summits continue to return. As we grow, we expand how deep we’re willing to go to create a bigger life for ourselves and offer a better life for those around us. We seek comfort and adventure and can only do so by expanding the potential we have today.


We want coaches who see our best and push us to see it too. I work on myself non-stop to be among the best in the world at what I do. I’m known as The Exponential Success Coach and my work has continually been called Life Changing. I commit to continuous investment in myself to bring the best to each of my clients.


Where do you need to push yourself so that you can show up in greater service to the world? Check it.

See you here next week.

= Wayne = 

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