Waiting for Sunrise

wednesdays with wayne Feb 07, 2018

Is it a sleepless night?  Or are you up early on purpose?  It’s still dark out and you find yourself wondering about and perhaps worrying about all of the things you’ve got going on.  The conversations you need to have, the conversations you hope you don’t have to have, and the conversations that you get to have all seem to blend in the twilight hours.   

Now what?  You’re up.  You’ve begun to dabble at work.  Perhaps you convince yourself that it’s time to get to your morning exercise routine or preparing for your first cup of coffee (I know that could be the same thing, just lifting a cup is your morning exercise).

For a number of us, we’re up and on it early.
We aren’t greeted by the sunrise.  We’re already up, waiting to greet it!  And sometimes we forget that greeting.  And that’s what today’s Wednesdays With Wayne is all about.  

As I write this, I’m reflecting on my drive to the airport this morning.  I prepare to take yet another flight, to serve my clients and their teams, each of whom seem to become my friends along the way.  So I don’t mind the early start.  I mind that sometimes I forget to pay attention to the Force of Spirit that surrounds me.  I marvel at how Nature moves each of us through our crowded thoughts.  And then I step back and reflect on the orange light that dares to break the darkness on the horizon.

Good morning, sunshine!

I’m up early.  I get to see things that a lot of people don’t get to see because I’m up early.  And yes, there ARE days that “early” comes just too darn early.  And today, I’m grateful.  

We have work to do.  We have creative thoughts to express so that others might come together differently.  We make the world a better place when we do that.

No matter what your work/job/career path, you help someone… your work makes someone else’s life go more smoothly, right?  (I’m guessing that because those are the people that I gather around me… the givers, the boosters, the helpers.)  

That means you’re helping people that you’ve never met and probably won’t ever meet.  Simply by helping one person, you’ve affected their family, their work team, and beyond.  


This is, then, a reminder that you are an important force in the world.  You matter.  Those thoughts that got you up early – they matter, too.  Keep your perspective and greet the sunrise.  There’s magic all around you.  Channel it.  Share it.  Your positive, vibrant self matters to the people you serve and beyond.  That little extra thing?  Yeah, that matters too.

So keep making your magic™!  You’ve got this!

~ Dr P ~


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