Unusual Advice: Slow It Down

wednesdays with wayne Jan 08, 2020

I would be among the first to cheer you on!  And this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne might surprise you.  I still want to cheer you on.  Of course I do. You’ve got a lot to do this year and 2020 promises to be big and bright.


I’m going to say something that is counter to my mentors.

It’s the opposite of so much that’s out there.

I’m going to advise you to SLOW IT DOWN.  

Weird, huh?  How can you even consider slowing down when there’s so much to do?  

There’s so much you want to do.  

There’s so much happening that you almost feel behind already.

You’re only in the second week of the New Year.  How can you be feeling like you’re falling behind already?  

High performers tend to see all that they could do and then they want to get it all done all at once.  When it doesn’t all come together, there’s a sense of feeling inadequate.  

So slow your roll there, hotshot.  You’ve got this.  



Look, I’m excited about my trajectory.  As a result of some things I put in place in the last quarter of last year, I’ve been on CBS, in Fast Company magazine, in Thrive Global, and in a couple of journals both in the UK and in India.  And that all came through last week. Those accomplishments are from work I did over the previous months. So it looks like my 2020 is off to a roaring blaze (and it is). The thing is, I planned for that.  I didn’t know where the seeds would sprout. I did the work to plant them and this time, the harvest was pretty big.

What about your start to the New Year?  People were talking about not bringing things into this year from the past year.  

How do you make a completely clean break?  Why would you?  

You did A LOT of work to get here.

As Bruce Lee once said, “Absorb what is useful.”  

Take with you the things you can use moving forward.  Let go of the things that aren’t. What you need is perspective so that you know which is which.  

Don’t try to make it all happen all at once.  

Get a plan.  Then, set a solid strategy.  

A fish can’t tell you what water is like because there’s no sense of not-water (even if you found a talking fish).  You might be so deep in doing that you forgot what you were doing it for or even what you were aiming at.  Even the highest performers (in ANY field) seek guidance from people outside of themselves.  To check your plan and strategy, you NEED to get some perspective.

Slow it down.

Step outside of your current situation to really see where you’re headed.

Fine tune your plan.

Get clear on your strategy.

You’ve got this.  

Know your outcomes.

Take small steps toward them.

I believe in you!!!

When you’re ready for more clarity, let’s work together.

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Keep Making Your Magic (remember, that #StartsWithOne)

~ Dr P ~


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