Tomorrow’s Relief

wednesdays with wayne May 20, 2020

If you look back at what you’ve come through these past couple of months, it’s no wonder you’re exhausted.  We’re worn out by information that keeps changing, how even small comments are made political, and then there’s fear.  As a global culture, we’re done being misinformed and afraid.  

The truth is that it’s hard seeing businesses that we care about step away and fold while toilet paper is still ridiculously difficult to find.  This is a really odd time in our history and one big thing will get us through:  perspective.

When it’s a foggy day, we know that the fog will lift and that the sun is just beyond the cloud layer.  We have a perspective that we’ll get through.  

The difference between a foggy day and what we’re experiencing is a psychological concept related to perception: Object Constancy.  

It’s why magic is so fascinating.  If you put something (a tiger, for example) in a cage and you cover the cage, you expect the tiger to remain there.  It’s an object placed within a frame and should be there when uncloaked.  When the covering is removed and there’s a human in the tiger’s place, we respond with surprise and delight.  This is due to another psychological construct: violation of expectancy.  

If we leave our car in a parking space and the space is empty when we come back, our sense of object constancy is disrupted as we experience the violation of expectancy.  Not so much delight to go along with this surprise.  

We’d like to expect that things will be as they were.  Yet here’s our dilemma – we don’t exactly know what to expect.  We’re on alert for the next round of threats.  Masks have become the symbol of fear, righteousness, and safety all mixed together.  

We humans need a good routine.  We like to know what to expect.

We also like to include something new, novelty, into our routines to break them up a bit.  It’s why vacations are so important.  Both the routine and the inclusion of novelty are (were) under our control.

Now, we feel a bit out of control.  And that is the key:  Since we need to know what to expect and we want control over doing things differently, then we’ll find relief in controlling the things we can control.  

The routines or habits we are laying down today will affect the results or consequences a month or two out.  So, what can you control?  What action steps might you want to take?

Do a quick assessment of your life and values.  Where are you personally and professionally right now?  So many people I’ve spoken with are using this time to reevaluate what matters.

The way to a brighter tomorrow is to get clear on what matters most.  

Where are you with your relationships?  Where are you in your career?  How are you emotionally?  How about spiritually?  And, though tough, how’s it going financially?

Are you finding that your values have changed a bit?  That’s most likely a good thing.

What one key action step can you give to each of the categories listed?  Note just one small thing you’ll do in each area.  That’ll help get you focused on your brighter tomorrow.

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We’re all gaining a new perspective.  We’re challenging the assumptions of the past and we’re creating the new stability for the future.  No matter what role you step into, as an individual, you matter.  Your voice and your talents are needed in the world now more than ever.  It’s time to get grounded and step forth.  

~ Dr P ~


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