Three C's of Life and Leadership

wednesdays with wayne Nov 11, 2020

You’re here. That makes you a leader.

When I write about leaders, it doesn’t matter what title you have, someone is watching you and you have the opportunity to model what excellence looks like.


That starts with your values. Are you clear about what you value? It sounds like an odd question and it’s easy to give the “of course” answer until you stop to think about that. 


What you used to value (think back five or ten years) isn’t the same as what you currently value. And, you can actually choose to value something to live into for the future.


The first C to think about is Clarity.

When I work with leaders across the country (and around the world), one of the first places to start is focusing back on values. Who are you now?

More important, who do you want to become?

Clarity of your values opens the way for your strategic direction. You suddenly have a filter for what’s IN and what’s OUT of your life as you move forward.


Clarity is key!


The next C is Communication.

It’s one thing for you to know what you value. It’s another thing for those in your sphere to know and understand that about you, as well. In coaching and in counseling, I’ve seen leaders – and I’ve seen partners in relationships – say things like, “well, they should just know.” Unless you’ve hired a team of clairvoyants – or you’re married to one – how do you expect them to just know what is important to you?

Share what’s important to you. It solidifies your relationships at work and at home!


Communication counts!


The third C is Curiosity.

Yes, yes… many of you know that Curious George is my spirit animal. Do you know why that’s so? First, I think he’s funny. So when I think of that silly little monkey, I smile. I’m quirky like that. (And now you know what I value because I’ve communicated it. Cool, right?) What makes the curious monkey sooooo important to me? Not only does he make me smile, he reminds me to stay curious. Here’s the lesson, so you don’t miss it: When you live in wonder and curiosity, you can’t be in judgment.  


Living in wonder and curiosity keeps you out of judgment!


Practicing these, Dr P’s Three Cs, will take you far – at work, at home, and in the world!  


~ Dr P ~

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