This guy just challenged me big time!

wednesdays with wayne Apr 19, 2017

When I travel, I like to meet with my clients before I begin training their teams.  It’s important that we’re on the same page, that I understand the needs of the business owner, and that they know my working style.

We had a great dinner together.  It was casual and we began to get to know each other on a deeper, more personal level.  Toward the end of dinner, I asked a question for which the answer is usually predictable.

In this Wednesdays With Wayne, I’m about to share with you the answer he gave that shook me up quite a bit.

Me (in a light, upbeat tone):  So, what are you hoping for or expecting from me? I thought he’d say, “Oh, just do what you think is best for us” or something like that.  I smiled as I awaited his answer.  

Him (smiling back):  Excellence.

I laughed and told him that of course he’d get that.  I always bring that and I expect it of myself.

And yet, that word… that single word answer resounded through me with such force it kept me up that night.

I absolutely DO bring excellence to my work.  I overlay almost four decades of experience having blended psychology with business to bring insights that others really can’t.  I keep myself sharp by enrolling in and attending masterminds loaded with other super-successful people from around the world.  I read.  I journal.  I hone my skills and make it a craft.

And yet, I began to wonder what excellence really was.

Do you know?  Can you define it for yourself?  Are you excellent at what you do?  Do you bring excellence to everything you do?

I’m a big fan of “more,” of recognizing that things could be pretty great and of still being “happily dissatisfied.”  I fight complacency because I believe we can always be better.

It’s not that his answer to my question shook my self-confidence.  Oh, I knew I’d be strong in leading his team and him.  I’m really good at what I do. That’s not bragging; it’s an accurate reflection of skillset.  

What got to me was wondering whether I had allowed myself to become complacent with that.  Have I pushed myself enough?  I’m darn good.  In fact, what I bring is pretty great.  Is it excellent?  

I absolutely LOVED that he said that and that I allowed that one word to challenge and push me to question pretty much everything I’m doing.

So I’ll bring this back to you, dear reader.  

Are you living your life in a state of excellence?

What does that mean to you?

When you engage with others, is it from a place of real presence and therefore, excellence? When you talk with others, are you bringing them up or somehow judging them and knocking them back? How could it be better?

When you choose to eat, drink, or sleep, does it serve to fuel excellence?

When you choose to bring anything into your world, are you choosing excellence?

When you choose to give anything to those who rely on you, are you choosing excellence?

How are you choosing to grow so that you can be better for others?  Are you reading, attending seminars, and are you, yourself, getting coaching?

I realized, with some peace of mind, that I really DO bring excellence to my work and that I could in all honesty assure my client of that.

I also realized something else.  Excellence is a dynamic state.  You don’t just attain excellence and claim it forever.  It’s different than my being able to state that I’m a number one bestselling author.  That title can’t be taken from me even though my book isn’t currently number one.  Excellence isn’t gained and a title conferred.

Excellence Is A Dynamic state.  You must continue to develop it, to fine-tune it, and to actually choose to want to continually get better.  The work is yours to do and, yes, it’s work only because it requires your deliberate attention.  That then becomes habit.  Growth, then excellence become the habits that drive you forward and encourage others around you to get better, too.

You’re here because you want to level-up your game.  Keep giving some attention to what makes you a DynamicLeader and where you can offer just that bit more… EXCELLENCE!

Keep making your magic!

Let me know what you do to bring excellence.

~ Dr P ~


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