The Two Secrets To Becoming Even MORE Influential

wednesdays with wayne May 24, 2017

How do you get people to support your dreams and goals?

The answer is that you do it the same way that super leaders become SO influential!  In this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne, you learn two simple secrets to becoming more influential and enlisting support for your goals and dreams.

Organizations (including families) begin their failure path when the leader(s) lose track of their values and purpose.  Without those core foundational elements, how can you expect people to line up to follow and support you.

We need to know what you believe in.  That means, YOU need to know what you believe in.  It’s time to reflect inward for a moment (yes, again) and call out three to five core values that you hold dearly.  It really doesn’t matter what they are as long as they’re yours.  You could value love, church, health, excellence, learning, competition, or greed.  Think about it, come up with your own list and recognize that really, it doesn’t matter what you value as long as what you value is yours.

Pick three to five.

Own them.

And then… talk about them.  Build them into your strategic planning.  Use them to filter your operational tasks.  Communicate them in as many areas as you can.

When you can clearly articulate your values (both verbally and in your actions), you’ll build an audience of people who appreciate the way you think.  You gain internal alignment within your tribe (family or organization).  People who resonate with your values will support you.  People who don’t will fall away.  And that’s okay.  You don’t need everyone to like what you like. 

You gain support as people appreciate your perspective.  Inevitably, you will encourage others to think differently simply by stating clearly and demonstrating what you believe and value.

Influence comes as values are shared.

Think about the groups you belong to.  You belong because you believe in the direction of the group (church group, gardening club, pet rescue, PTA, etc.).  The values are clear.

The keys to true influence, then, are so seemingly simple: 1) Get clear about what you truly value and 2) Engage others so that they can choose to join you.

Those are so simple and yet it astounds me how often people get it wrong.  Stop being so busy being busy that you forgot why you were doing what you were doing.  What makes for greatness?  Clearly identified values and great communication!  Encourage a culture of shared values and open communication by living that way and you create magic!

Shared values and communication – so close and yet so far away for so many.

Let me know how you do that in your organization (family, community group, or corporate culture).  Let’s keep this conversation going.  And until next week, keep making your magic!

~ Dr P ~

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