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wednesdays with wayne Feb 26, 2019

I had lunch with a friend and a deep background of struggle.  His insights inspire me and even as we walked to the parking lot, the challenges to thinking continued.  We talked about kids. We talked about our businesses and what lay before us. We talked about our own personal development.  And we each shared a bit about the significant transitions we’re in.

My friend and I each talked about the love and respect we have for what brought us to this place.  As I said, we’re each facing our own transitions personally and professionally.

Maybe you can relate.  You’ve been traveling down a path that seemed so right and so aligned and then some outside force came in and spotlighted the opportunity (or need) to take a different path.  You could be pretty happy on the path you’re on. You could, at the same time, be aching for more…. You could be longing or something bigger as somehow, your life seems just a little smaller than you like.

I call this Being Happily Dissatisfied.

Maybe you’ve heard this from me before.  Maybe this is new. It bears repeating – the concept is this:  If I paused my life right now and looked around, if I did a thorough inventory of the good, bad, and ugly, I’d say that I’m pretty darn happy and very grateful for what I have.  That said, I can – at the same time – say that I ache for more. Not things. I certainly don’t need more things. It’s that I ache to live more fully expressed as a human. I long to serve more greatly and have my words touch more people.  And I know I can do it.

And so I live happily dissatisfied.  I am happy. I want to serve more greatly and have a larger impact on the way we think about ourselves and each other.

That takes growth.

You might have something you want, a deep desire to be more, have more, serve more.

You might be wondering if it’s even possible since you all-but-resigned yourself to the existence you have.  Someone told you to just be grateful, so you’re sitting idly waiting for something else to be grateful about rather than going out and creating it.

“But I don’t know how and I don’t know what to do first,” you tell yourself.

And here it is:


That’s it.  

If you don’t step out of your place of competence and challenge your self-confidence, you can’t grow.  You got competent by learning what it took to get where you are. Don’t stagnate there.


There’s not only more IN you, but there’s also more OUT there to go get.

Learn something new.

Try something new.

Engage with someone in a way you hadn’t dared to do before.


Quick Inventory + Action Steps

  1. Dare to break out that hidden desire
    1. Travel?
    2. Meeting Someone?
    3. Changing Career Paths?
    4. Learning an Instrument?
  2. What ONE thing could you do today – yes, TODAY – that could get you closer to that thing?  Don’t flip your life upside down (unless it truly needs it). Just decide on one thing you could do to get closer to that desire.
  3. Be Deliberate and Beware of diluting your destination.  Have between one item and three items in mind. More than three big goals dilutes your focus so badly that you won’t act on any of them.  It’s like having your phone open and getting alerts from all of your social media and your email all at once.

The only way to grow is to do something you’ve never done before.

Our bodies and minds crave novelty.  Feed that. Find the NEW.

Go enjoy the rest of your day!


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All the best to ya!

Keep making your magic™!!

~ Dr P ~


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