The New Year Starts Now

wednesdays with wayne Nov 25, 2020

With just days from Thanksgiving here in the U.S., we need to remember the heart of the message. No, not the fictitious tales we were all taught in elementary school about some feast, but what it means to be truly grateful.


Look around, look at your life.

Has there been hardship?

Has there been tragedy?

Yes, for most of us there has.


And yet, here you are, reading this on a phone, tablet, or computer.


We made it to this point which means we have been resilient.


Your New Year starts now. 

It starts in gratitude.


DO NOT WAIT until January to decide to have a different 2021. You begin that process now. What you do today, and tomorrow, and the next day affects your New Year.


Think about what you were doing in August and September. How did you eat, sleep, move? What did you study? What connections did you make? What intentions did you set and keep consistently?


What you did in August and September is showing up today, right?


So today starts your New Year. 

How do you want to enter January? 


Let’s start with gratitude and then dare to dream bigger.


Nope.  Even bigger.


Ah, even bigger still!!!!!


You’ve got help to get there. Your dreams are your dreams and while the mountain you climb and the miles you run are yours, no one succeeds alone.


Back to gratitude, eh?




~ Dr P ~


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