The Myths of Guilt and Hard Work

wednesdays with wayne Sep 06, 2023

Our personal myths and the stories we’ve taken on include such tales as “the reason you don’t have everything you want is because you haven’t worked hard enough yet.”



  • You haven’t worked hard enough
  • ONLY hard work will get you what you want
  • You don’t deserve it
  • You’re not good enough
  • Etc.
  • Etc.


I’m sure you have your own lies that you’ve been living by. They’re lies. We call them myths because that’s an easier way to look at them. Let’s accept some truth. You’re reading this because you’re here to grow.


The truth is that effort and hard work don’t always pay off the way you think they should. 

I have a history of being terrible with Organic Chemistry and Advanced Statistical Analysis. I mean, I get the basics. I understand how they work and how they’re supposed to work. I just don’t seem to be able to retain the formulae enough to employ them. 


Does that make me bad, wrong, or stupid?

Did I not apply myself enough? Did I not work hard enough? Did I hold back in putting in the effort?


A monkey, a dolphin, and an eagle were given the challenge of climbing a tree.

A monkey, a dolphin, and an eagle were given the challenge of diving 800 feet under water.

A monkey, a dolphin, and an eagle were given the challenge of lightly landing in a clifftop nest.


Shame comes from feeling like you SHOULD be able to do anything if you just work hard enough. And I’m here to help you let go of that shame. 


What does it take for you to awaken to and accept your unique ability?

I might not be great at O-Chem, but I am pretty darn amazing at seeing where individuals and organizations are stuck, and helping them break through to their next level of greatness. 


I leverage my unique abilities. I encourage you to open to yours and leverage them, too.


There’s a woman I’m working with who likes what she does and she’s ready to put it away to pursue a new career, something she believes she loves. I think she’s going to be great at this new path because her passion is there.  


And don’t let anyone else tell you what that path should be or what your passion is. There’s a man named Muggsy Bogues, he’s 5’3” and played professional basketball for four teams as a point guard. 


What is your unique ability?

Let go of the myth of working hard, because when you are living in your passion and leveraging your unique ability, the work (yes, there’s still work) doesn’t feel all that hard.


Keep making your magic.


= Wayne = 

You’ve been holding yourself back and you know it. You don’t want to acknowledge that, but deep down you do know it. You know you’re bigger than the life you’ve been living, that there’s more and that you could feel a little more free. The problem is that you don’t know how to get there. You’re not alone and the answer really is right in front of you. It’s here, now.


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