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The Land of Yes, And

wednesdays with wayne Mar 04, 2020

What if you did a “Plus-One” to everything you heard?

The ideas would multiply, and you’d be in a world of ongoing possibility.  

There’s a drama/improv-based exercise that works in business and, actually, every part of your life if you let it.  

It works by responding to everything you’re given with “Yes, and….”

So often we encounter the competitive and put-down based “Yeah, but.”  It’s meant to make one person superior and to demean the other person.  

Think about how you respond when you hear “Yeah, but….”  

You feel put down.  You feel like defending your position.

And what if you were given the gift of having your thoughts held by another as they added to them.  You feel validated and more likely to participate further.

It’s such a simple formula, “Yes, and….”  

So let’s bounce back to the #StartsWithOne movement and push beyond “my idea rules.”  Push beyond kindness (“at least I’m listening patiently”), and push into a place of Significance by Deliberately, Actively, Positively™ uplifting the other.  

“I see you” is what you’re saying when you decide that “Yes, and…” overrides, “yeah, but.”

Make a practice of giving a plus-one to others!  Conversation needn’t be competitive.

Leadership needn’t be competitive.


In fact, true leadership is inspirational and operational.  The idea of “Yes, and…” fits in both.

The solutions to your biggest problem can be found in, “Yes, and….”  

As you play with this concept, remember that this simply #StartsWithOne, and that’s you.  Today. Right now.

~ Dr P ~



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