The Inner-Outer Connection

wednesdays with wayne Feb 21, 2018

In a recent conversation with a client, we spoke about how to connect the outer world with the inner world and vice versa. Our conversation turned to how simplification and decluttering actually makes room for new possibilities to enter your world.  Sometimes simply having space creates the new opportunities.

In terms of productivity, the more that you can clear your workspace and the more that you can simplify, the more productive you actually become. For those people who have incredibly complex lives and crowded calendars, simplification and decluttering becomes all the more important.

Here's something to practice:  Look around.  What one thing in your workspace or wherever it is you are seeing this or reading this, what one thing in that space can you get rid of, just one, right now?  Maybe it's a pen that no longer works.  Maybe it's that piece of mail (or stack of mail?) that you've been meaning to get to.  Go through it; get rid of it.  When it no longer serves you, it becomes an anchor for you.  It weighs you down and keeps you in a place that you no longer need to be.  Do it.  Right now, just do it.

If you found that doing that with one thing actually felt good, risk a little bit and do it with two things or five things and see what happens!

Taking care of your inner world works the same way. What thoughts or beliefs do you have that no longer belong? Do you know when they come up? Can you get rid of them by either ignoring them or banishing them or in entering something else? Your ability to banish "negative" thoughts will serve you greatly.  Substituting more positive thoughts provides you the opportunity for greater growth and development.  This is an active process and takes practice.  Is it work?  Yes, but you know what?  It becomes a lot less work than fighting the outcomes that your negative thoughts have brought you.

What about the people in your life?  Do you surround yourself with people who support you?  Can you say “no” more often to those who don't?  Will you seek out coaches, advisers or other high level thought leaders that stretch you?

Take a look at your calendar. Over the next two weeks eliminate at least one appointment that you have set that you can say no to. Eliminate the appointment that doesn't fully support you or your end goal mission.  Give yourself some "white space."  What one meeting in the next two weeks can you take off of your calendar and politely excuse yourself from?

Okay, so you are eliminating appointments that are unnecessary. You're removing people from your life that no longer serve you. You are canceling negative thoughts and substituting positive ones. Good for you!  What can you add to fortify your positive growth even further?  You've given yourself some open space.  Sometimes that doesn't need to be filled, sometimes you can fill it with something just a little more positive. Some suggestions might be adding five minutes to your exercise routine, adding three to 20 minutes to your meditation.  Have you ever just sat quietly?

By decluttering outwardly and then decluttering inwardly, you begin to connect the outer world with the inner world. You find places where you can continue to "clean up." While this might seem like a chore, you might also find yourself smiling just a little bit at the thought of having a clearer workspace inside and out.

If you continue to jam your life, your schedule, and your workspace, you cannot grow. Only by simplifying, decluttering, and creating space can you open to new possibilities for yourself.

Do that!

And your next step would be to boost your relationships both at home and at work!  

Click here for your free Relationship Recharge report – You’ll find seven tips to a more vibrant and Dynamic Relationship.  It’s something I built for you this month.  Take it.  Rock it.  And I’ll see you here next week.

Until then, keep making your magic™!

~ Dr P ~


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