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wednesdays with wayne Oct 17, 2018

Leading the StuckAtTheTop™ Breakthrough Retreat this past weekend was an honor, a pleasure, and hard work.  Leaders from across the country came together to create their new personal vision for themselves.

The Wednesdays With Wayne challenge: Design what it will take to make this year your best year yet and creating the new version of your Best Self.

What struck me was that the way to get there was through exploring, honing in on, and then disclosing personal values in a very heart-centered discussion.  These high-achieving leaders each brought forth the things that mattered most to them.  

Think about that.  Could you, in front of a group of relative strangers that you had only just met recently, declare what your very personal values are?  It’s harder than it sounds and yet, these amazing people brought it.

Each of them dug deep to bring their unconscious thoughts into consciousness.  They sorted those out.

They personally affirmed those thoughts.

And then…

They dared to declare… publicly.

What every single person in that room realized is that by becoming just that bit more vulnerable, they become every-bit so much more believable.  The paradox of power coming through vulnerability hit home. The space we created was a safe one in which to think new thoughts. And then, it became a safe one in which to declare them.  

At the heart of success is the heart of the individual leader.  YOU. YOUR HEART.

Yes, you need strategy.  That’s a separate topic and comes next.  First, start by exploring your values! What do you believe in?  What values do you honor? Who knows that about you?

Your passion, whether grandly expressed or simply stated, serves as the foundation for influence.


Others can only follow you if they know what you believe in.

You’ve totally got this!  That’s part of your remarkable magic!!!  Remember, you are only as influential as your clarity, internally and externally.  So get clear with yourself and others about what you value. To help you on this journey, there are some resources you might appreciate:  Take a look at to get to the #1 International Best Selling Book, Dynamic Transitions.  It’s a great path for you to double-check that you really are moving Boldly and Gracefully into the next great chapter of your life!

Keep making your magic™

~ Dr P ~

Our recent retreat in Chicago was a great success!

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