The EmPHAsis on the Wrong SyLAHble

wednesdays with wayne Apr 28, 2021

To be clear, you must focus on the right thing. Each thing you focus on gives a new meaning.


So you must put the EmPHAsis on the corRECT SyLAHble!


What you focus on matters.


Let’s look at a simple sentence and you can extrapolate that concept to pretty much everything in your life.


Do I Need To Do This?


DO I need to do this? I mean do I?  Is this a thing I need to do?  DO I need to do this?


Do I need to do this? Can anyone else do this or do I need to be the one to do it?


Do I NEED to do this? Sorting the pantry, taking out the garbage, watching NetFlix, getting lost in TikTok videos… Do I NEED to do that? Yeah, think about priorities!


Do I need TO do this? Is it something that’s coming? Something to look forward to? 


Do I need to DO this? Is it something to think about or take action on? And when?


Do I need to do THIS? I mean, there are a million other things to do. Is this the thing?


Your life changes when your focus changes.


What was that?

Your Life Changes When Your Focus Changes!


Have some fun with this today, this week, this coming month. Pick a statement or question, then put the EmphaSIS on a DIFferent SyllaBLE.


Have fun, see you next week.


Keep making your magic!


~ Dr P ~

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