That's NOT What I Wanted At ALL

wednesdays with wayne May 03, 2023

I just ordered lunch.

It arrived without incident.

Seeing it in front of me, everything shifted. That’s NOT what I wanted at all. 


Something shifted for me this time.

I didn’t eat it because I had ordered it.

I didn’t finish it because I paid for it and had to get every last piece of value out of what I had paid for.

I didn’t dive right in because I had committed to it and therefore needed to follow through with some sense of obligation.


No, I took a couple of bites, decided I had had enough, and put the rest away.


This WEDNESDAYS WITH WAYNE Blog post isn’t about food. It’s about decision making.


I got the value from my meal at the time I placed my order. 


When I purchase anything, when I open a new book, when I start a new project, when I’ve joined a new group, I give myself permission to pursue it to the fullest or to simply back away because it’s a mismatch. 


Alignment with values is key. And just because you start something doesn’t mean that new information can’t inform your next decision. 



New information MUST inform your next decision

and your next action steps


One of my personal values that carries over to my professional world is that of Forthrightness. 

I have eleven core-values by which I live and run my businesses. Here’s how that shows up for me: 

Forthrightness – 

While my word is my contract, sometimes the circumstances change that requires a change in the contract. My word, then, must change. Pivots are part of the process and clear communication to all involved makes the difference. As a team, we are forthright, communicating clearly and acting upon what matters most.


 So here we are. We’re in the middle of Q2. The year is still relatively young though quite a few months are behind us. Are you on the path that you need to be to make the difference that you want to make?


Take inventory.

Take action.

You don’t have to eat it just because it was served to you (even if you ordered it). What is it you really want? What would you treasure?


Get clear on that and keep making your magic.


See you here next week!


= Wayne = 

  ~ Dr P ~ 


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