Stumbling Blocks or Stepping-Stones

wednesdays with wayne Aug 28, 2019

On this path to Significance, making our difference in the world, we strive, we climb, we slide, and we stride.  It’s messy. Luckily, we’re now in a place to acknowledge that “messy” is the norm. Before the internet, the axiom most lived by was, “never let ‘em see you sweat.”  

We all have those teeth-gritting moments wondering if this is going to work.  As a parent, as a business leader, as someone who wants more in your life. There’s a lot of faith you put into yourself.  It looks like hope and it feels like grit (or something that rhymes with that).

And onward you go.  You’re here. You’re reading this.  You’re getting your head back in the game.  Good for you! Seriously, good for you.

Look back at where you’ve been and you’ll notice something about your path: What you thought were the things holding you back were the lessons you endured to get to where you are.  What felt like stumbling blocks were the things that taught you and helped you grow.

No one looks forward to struggle.  And yet, we’re all in it. Being human, it’s what I call A Worthy Struggle – that was to be the title of my first book a decade ago.  What you gain from going through the struggle is so much more valuable than the trophy you get at the end.

Think about the triumphs you’ve had.

For those that have made it to a million-dollar milestone, did you really cheer at your first million?  For those that have run the marathon, did you really jump up and down at receiving the medal at the finish line?

Really, the trophy represents the work that went into getting there.  No one sees the work and while the medal or million-dollar bank account seems like something, it’s also very empty on its own.

Significance is based on context.

For you to enjoy true success, look at the struggles you’ve overcome.   Look back to measure how far you’ve come. Take an inventory of what you have.  You’re reading this on some device. You’ve made it this far. Congratulations. You have a lot for which to be grateful.  

What once held you back, the stumbling blocks, it turns out were really stepping-stones on your path.  Did you stub your toe? Yep. Did it hurt? Of course. And you’re not done yet. Your ability to move forward and to guide others on their path moves you from success to significance.  When you pick others up as they stumble – and they will because they don’t yet know how to step – you make your success matter. That’s the path to significance.

That path is paved with stepping-stones that were once stumbling blocks.  

It’s messy and it’s worth it.  Making your difference for others’ benefit is something only you can do – your way.

Keep doing it.

Keep making your magic.

~ Dr P ~


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