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Stopping the Habit of Conceding

wednesdays with wayne Dec 30, 2020

Concession, giving in, tolerating something that no longer serves you – these have no place for you anymore.


As we come to the close of this year, look at what you’ve tolerated in your life. Is it a squeaky door hinge, a pile of papers you’d get to “someday,” or a relationship that you knew needed a little more attention than you’ve been giving it?


We concede a little and train our subconscious mind that we allow that.

This is practiced and becomes habit.


Habits are borne of continuous behavior that’s rehearsed. When we behave in a way that we no longer hear that squeaky hinge, see the pile of clutter, or acknowledge that a partner (at home or at work) might need a little more attention, we train for tolerating the simply adequate.


My mission is to inspire greatness tempered by benevolence.


Greatness and excellence can only be achieved if we engage in an inventory of what we’ve allowed. 


Look around your personal space as you read this.

What have you tolerated? What concessions have you practiced in your life that have become habits of mediocrity?


Good inventory, right?


Now, as we move into the New Year, what action steps will you take that edge out old habits and overlay new habits of excellence?


Only consciously can you move, step by step, toward personal greatness and excellence.


Happy New Year. It’s time to step further into your greatness!


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