Spiraling Toward Freedom

wednesdays with wayne Apr 01, 2020

THIS is the key to get you through ANY situation… ANY!  We all might feel like we’re living in some twilight-zone episode of an April Fool’s prank gone badly and that’s why you must remember this one simple concept.  

For 27 years, I taught martial arts classes for the Department of Parks and Recreation in a small town located just north of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Additionally, a fellow black-belt and I taught self-defense courses. In those courses I used to emphasize a particular mindset as part of knowing how to get through.  

One core concept allows us to keep going in the face of adversity.  That’s this: it’s not over, you’re not done. Unless you choose to give up, it’s not over.  Oh, our lives are all different from just a month ago. We’re all feeling the effects of an invisible enemy.  


Here’s the question to ask yourself to get through to the next moment and the next and the next – 

What’s Available To Me Now?


In a defensive situation, each breath brings you new opportunities when you ask that question.  

What’s Available To Me Now?

And Now?

And Now???


With new awareness comes new choices.  With new choices come new opportunities.  I wrote about this in my first book, Choosing Your Power.  


It’s an amazing cycle that allows us to truly Spiral Toward Freedom:  

Awareness Leads To Choice and Choice Leads To Awareness

(which leads to greater choice and more awareness)


The caveat to this is that you must engage in a conscious choice to become more aware.  And that’s where asking that beautifully simple question comes in: What’s available to me now… and now… and now…?

When a force imposes itself on you, and right now, we have The Virus plus we have The Media not to mention Social Media, and we have otherwise good humans who hoard food and supplies leaving none for others in need, we feel oppressed.  We’re not used to being told to stay inside, maintain physical distance, and not to shop at your favorite stores. Dating, both casual and committed, has essentially been put on hold. Shopping, social outings, and business as usual isn’t so usual.  

But we’re adaptable humans.  We’ve survived because we are, for the most part, resilient.  Some of my readers might, unfortunately, become sick. Exposure to this unseen ultra-transmittable thing is like a science fiction film gone bad.  Keep fighting.


But our response needn’t be to give in or give up.

What’s available to me now?


Just a month ago we were advising (admonishing?) our family members: “put down the tech and connect.”  Now we’re at a place to engage over tech. Pick up the tech and connect.

And in terms of what’s available to you now – YOU HAVE THE POWER to help someone else.

Use your power for good.

Reach out to a relative, friend, neighbor, or stranger:  What can I help you with right now?

Asking to help another elevates you both.  Be there for each other.

This isn’t a “we should be here for each other” statement.  “We” tends to mean someone else. I’m saying that You and I – each, separately together – should be there for another human.  Lift someone today, deliberately, actively, positively lift someone today.

All of this, from asking what’s available to me now to the lifting of another, all of this #StartsWithOne.  Be that one.

See you here next week.

~ Dr P ~

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