Small, Not Insignificant

wednesdays with wayne May 01, 2024

I cruised through the Panama Canal a couple of months ago. It’s a remarkable feat of engineering, saving almost a week of travel by lifting boats through locks into manmade lakes and onto locks. We traveled from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. We traveled under the Bridge of The Americas, connecting north and south American land masses. A bridge! Connecting north and south American land masses. 


That was all cool.

Getting great meals that accommodated dietary needs was amazing.

Most special was being at sea. I’ve always had an affinity for the ocean. I haven’t felt comfortable learning to scuba dive, nor am I a great swimmer. And still, the ocean seems to talk to me. And I hear it, deep inside of me.


Sea days on a cruise are those that you’re, well, at sea. There’s no port. Nor is there any land for as far as the eye can see. To me, that’s why we cruise. We could’ve flown from port to port more efficiently. The idea is to disconnect and just be at sea.


And as I did, looking out at the water until it reached the horizon, I reflected on how small we are. There was a small city on that boat, about 3,080 guests, multiple kitchens, a laundry room, a brig, a morgue, a putting green, a big pool, a large theatre, a casino, and more. And yet we, all 4,200 of us (doing the math, the crew make up about a third of the guests), this floating vessel carrying on its activities, was but a tiny dot on the vast ocean’s canvas. 


And as I gazed off over the deck, across the water, I came to the realization that yes, we’re each just little specs on this earth, let alone the galaxy or universe. Tiny little specs.


And yet each of us is a lighthouse and powerhouse.

Each of us carries in us a purpose that somehow connects us all. 


Yes, we’re small. And yet every act that we do to engage with and lift another, it’s not insignificant. It matters. The work you do. It matters. The leisure you take. It matters. 


How does that leisure thing work? Well, first you’re recharging yourself and second, you’re creating commerce for someone else. So you’re rebuilding to give more greatly and you’re helping others live by being paid for their work.


We’re small, but not insignificant. Every day you can do great things in small ways. 

I awaken with two thoughts, this is a practice, so it has become easy. The first thing I say out loud, even if I’m just coming out of a dream state, I say “Thank you!”

And the second thing I reflect on is, “How can I serve greatly today?” 


I like being on cruises. I feel taken care of. I feel rejuvenated by being at sea. I feel small and use that perspective to bounce back to see how many lives I can touch or uplift. 


You don’t need to be on a cruise to think about all of that. You can be your significant self right now!


Keep making your magic!


See you here next week. (Although there may be some changes coming to the Wednesdays With Wayne. Stay tuned for updates.)


= W = 

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