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Shifting From Who You Were

wednesdays with wayne Jan 29, 2020

Transitions – 

Letting go of an old identity isn’t exactly that!  

You are not letting go of it all

You are actually accommodating and assimilating something new.  


Points to remember:  

You’re not letting go of the old identity.  

You’re letting go of the box that held the old identity.  

That way more can fit within you.


Got it?  Now get ready to shift and hold more!

Let’s DO this.  2020 is waiting for you to show up!!!

Keep Making Your Magic!

~ Dr P ~



I’m pretty excited about this.  For the past couple of years, people have pushed me to do a podcast and I reluctantly agreed, pushing them off.  

FINALLY,  I’m so excited to announce that One Sharp Sword – cutting through to what matters most will be coming out in early February.  

And I need a favor!  Stay tuned for a special email announcement.  When it comes out, you could win something pretty great if you Rate and Review my new podcast.  We want to push its visibility to the top!  


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Here what you’ll get by spending April 24th and 25th in St Louis with me:

  • You’ll get clear on what matters and what doesn’t
  • Reprioritizing will no longer be a struggle
  • You’ll stop apologizing for what you want
  • Find the clues that keep showing up that it’s time for you to go to the next level and how to get there
  • Discerning the best way to expand your life and your business
  • Psychological tricks that make decision making easier (and faster!) 
  • How to reconnect with people that matter and do it with heart
  • Finding your personal strengths that you’re not fully utilizing
  • Become a super productive high-performer as you Learn Now Skills
  • You’ll have courage to start daring to declare what you want
  • Increase your influence and connection with the world

All of this is about presence – pure presence.

2020 needs you to show up.  With only eight seats left at the time of this writing, secure yours now for this breakthrough mastermind at www.StuckAtTheTop.com


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