Roadblocks, Unicorns, and Your Thought Process

wednesdays with wayne Jan 15, 2020

In surrounding myself with exceptionally high performers, I’m continually surprised by those reporting feeling stuck.  Well, I’m not surprised that people feel stuck. We ALL feel stuck sometimes. What surprises me is the language that some people use when they claim to be on target for a breakthrough.

In the last few days, I’ve heard people talking about “removing roadblocks.”

They proudly exclaim that there are no more blocks to their success.  

I’d like to celebrate with them except that your actions take you to where your thoughts lead.  So, if I told you to think about anything unique but do not think of a unicorn… Well, you’d have to get an image of a unicorn before you thought about something not that.  

“I’ve got no roadblocks!”

That is, unfortunately, not a celebration-worthy statement.

“I’ve created a clear path!”  That’s different. Roadblocks and unicorns aren’t mentioned.  

It’s really a big pet peeve of mine to hear otherwise positive people talking in terms of the “not-negative.”  Your subconscious only goes to what it’s given. “Not roadblocks” means conjuring images of roadblocks. “Wild success and abundance” means conjuring images of just that, whatever that means to you.

What are you focused on?

Are you getting out of debt or are you creating abundance of wealth?

Are you stopping eating bad food or are you only eating lean and clean?

Right now, make a clear statement!

What are you headed toward?

Leave a comment for me and let me know what you are positively focused on!

Yep, your thoughts matter.

This is your time to get clear.

Keep making your magic!

~ Dr P ~

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