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Rising Above

wednesdays with wayne Mar 18, 2020

Lift others.

Help others rise.

Do so deliberately, actively, and positively.

When the noise out there is so loud, YOU need to be the one to be the solid, grounded, sincere, compassionate voice of reason.  

So many of us want to scream, “Everyone just calm the *@!&$!* down” knowing that doing so would only serve to add to the noise.  

Recognize that as a Person Of Presence, that’s you dear leader, it’s up to you to demonstrate your calm, being thoughtful and present.

That’s it.  It’s what we need more of right now.

Right now, more than ever, you can make ripples that affect others.

The idea that WE need to do something starts with the accountable “I” – We become WE when each of us, as individuals, chooses to become that person who makes a positive difference.  

Be the person whose voice and actions serve to lift others today.

That’s it.  Simple, right?

None of this has to be difficult.  It just takes focus and positive presence.

~ Dr P ~


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