Right NOW

wednesdays with wayne Jan 30, 2024

The opening to Van Halen’s song, Right Now, goes like this:

Don't want to wait 'til tomorrow
Why put it off another day?
One more walk through problems
Built-up and stands in our way

Alex Van Halen, Ed Van Halen, Michael Anthony, and Sammy Hagar


We’re at the end of January. One month behind us in this New Year and you might have a few things on your “list” already. “Oh, I’m gonna.” 

“I’m going to do that, someday soon.”



I don’t have many regrets in my life. One big one was being in such denial about how ill my mom had become before she passed away several years ago. I told her I’d come to visit soon.

I had not made time and when I finally put a date on the calendar to get to visit, she passed the day I was to visit. My “someday soon” had blown past. 


I can’t undo that. And again, this was several years ago.


While I can’t go back in time, what I can do is be grateful for the time we had AND to maximize the time I have with the people in my life that matter. 


Believe it or not, that includes YOU.

I don’t stay up late at night writing blog posts because I have to. I do it because I want to.


I pursue interests that help me grow as a human.

I connect with my adult children and travel with my wife.


I serve my VIP and corporate clients.


And I do it all knowing that I’m doing what I love Right NOW.


I’m not torn by the “supposed to” stuff anymore. That will never pull me away from being in the moment of what matters most.


I have a few coaches and mentors – people who have perspective and can encourage my growth the way that I have perspective on my clients and encourage theirs – well, I told one of my mentors that with so much going on, I just didn’t want to die at my desk. And his response was, “Why not? You’ve got to die somewhere!” And the truth is, I love what I do.


And I encourage you to love what you do or find some perspective and guidance toward your purpose and path of significance. Are you stuck doing what you do because you got on that path and now you’re so far in that you can’t change? Or, might you start to explore what really lights you up NOW? Right NOW!!!


Let me know if you’d like a call to see if you’re a fit to become one of the people I coach. I have limited slots and it’s not always a match.


Also, let me know if you want to talk about coming to my signature summit in April. Because that’s a small group and half sold out already, it’s important to make sure there’s a match.


And when do you make moves like that for yourself?

Someday? No, not someday.

Right NOW.


Keep making your magic.

Reach out if you’re wondering if it might be a match to work with me.


See you here next week.


= Wayne = 


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